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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nonverbal Communication: Part 3

Nonverbal Communication:

Part 3

How can you get to know that someone is lying at you?

To answer this question, we must be certain that all people lie, have lied, or will lie. It looks like lies are part of living in society and as part of a family. And there are even people who try to lie to themselves.

Is it that difficult to spot someone who is lying? Are there any ways to tell when someone is lying to you? There some basic and simple ways to know when someone is lying to you. Watch this other video from, and complete the following information.



Gestures implied

No body movement

Absence or very little movement when talking

Zero movement because the person doesn’t know how to react

Exaggerated body movement

Stress gestures

Eye contact

Eye movement

Nose touching

Mouth or face covering

Get a copy of this chart here!

Round up the definitions or explanations about liars by reading the short articles in the following sites:

Article 1: The Truth about Lying

Article 2: The Truth about Lying

Have this ready to be checked in class.