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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nonverbal Communication: Part 2

Nonverbal Communication:

Part 2

In order to help Ron Madison in a more effective way, you are now requested to watch the following video with Body Language Expert, Judy James, who is currently working for

Ms. James will explain to you, by using examples in context, 6 tips to know if a woman is interested in a guy or not. As you can see, this information is vital to shape up an Action Plan for Ron's case.

The key features Judy James will describe are as follows:

1. The First Glance

2. Subconscious Mirroring

3. Change in Posture

4. Self Grooming Gestures

5. Face Softening

6. Touching

After listening to her explanation and exemplification of each feature, define each term in your own words and the particulars involved in each of the seven phases or steps describe in the video.

Make quick notes on your notebook, and be ready to discuss each step in Judy James' explanation with your classmates in class. Jot down as much information you consider important to complete this task and the first part of this case.