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Monday, October 11, 2010

Memories and Personality

What you remember reveals the kind of person you are


I am good at remembering people’s names.

I am more likely to remember someone’s face than their name.


I remember past events in great detail.

I remember past events in general terms.


I can remember the exact amount of money I paid for just about everything I’ve ever bought.

I rarely remember the exact price I paid for things.

Based on your answers above, listen and check (P) the words that describe your personality.

0 creative

0 hardworking

0 fun-loving

0 open-minded

0 happy-go-lucky

0 soft-spoken

0 honest

0 warm-hearted

0 interested in other people

0 responsible

0 well-informed

0 success-oriented

0 comfort-loving

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