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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Slang Expressions and Idioms

Language Recognition Practice

Part 1
Common Slang Expressions
INSTRUCTIONS: Jot down at least six to seven very common slang expressions used in your native language. If you have a different "dialect," make sure that you also translate your common expressions into the mainstream dialect used by most members in your class. After you have jotted down the expressions, work with a partner and find proper and accurate correspondences in English.

Part 2
Idiomatic Expressions in English
INSTRUCTIONS: Below you are presented with a series of common idiomatic expressions in English. With the help of a partner, define the following expressions. Try to find an easier way to explain them to the members in your class.

  • to have second thoughts
  • to be chickened out
  • to drop by someone's place
  • to run into
  • to get up the nerve to do something
  • to go nuts
  • to be in the same boat
  • chances are ...
  • to tie the knot
  • to be glued to the tube

If you don't know the meaning of any of the above expressions, feel free to ask other people. Make sure to use English at all times.